Sunday, October 21, 2012

Bogie, learning more every day

Surprisingly, I have had Bogie for less than 4 months.  It seems like he has been a part of my family for much longer.  At 15 months old when I got him, he was civilized but not particularly trained.

He doesn't take food, even if I set it on the counter and briefly leave the room. He loves to be combed or sponged down.  He doesn't mind having his teeth brushed.  These things I didn't have to teach him.  Someone took care of him before he ended up on the street.

But, based on the vet's determination that he had never been taught the command Sit, I figured he had very little, if any, formal training.

So it amazes me how much he has already learned.

He's learned Stop, both in the sense of don't go any further when we are walking, and don't do whatever it is that you are currently doing.

He will Stay, but only for a moment.  He understands Sit, Shake, Cross (the street), That's enough (similar to Stop, but generally used for barking), and Come Here.

He'll Move if I tell him to, but he generally moves in the same direction I am trying to go.  He's getting better at Heel.  He sort of understands Don't Pull, when he is tugging on the leash.  He knows Get In the Back means No, you may not ride in the front seat of the car.

He knows You Missed Some means he didn't clean his food bowl.  Out! means don't you dare come inside with a pigeon in your mouth.

He knows not to run out the front door.  But like a small boy who is told not to touch his sister, and instead kicks her, he assumes gates don't count.  (Thus the escape last week)

He astonishes me every week with his intelligence and willingness to learn.

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