Friday, March 30, 2012

Weird dreams

Dreams are supposed to be made from the contents of your mind. So where did this very detailed dream come from?

Location - a house, but not my house.

Scene - a large, cluttered living room adjoining a large, empty dining room, and in line of sight of the kitchen with 50's era appliances.

I am playing with a turtle on the floor, letting it wander across the wooden floor and area rugs.  It is a small box type turtle about 6" in diameter. The shell is more of a rounded rectangle with ridged edges.

I put the turtle on the arm of a couch.  The couch is covered in a solid color brown, tightly woven fabric.  I place the turtle near the back of the arm. It reaches the end of the arm so I put it on the seat of the couch.

Before I can stop it, the turtle digs itself under the cushions where they meet the back. This is a hide-a-bed, so I ask David Copperfield (who was in the kitchen) to help me open the bed.  We open the bed up, setting the front edge on the battered coffee table.  (Instead of moving the table.)

We find the turtle, a sweater, 2 shirts, and 2 slats of light colored wood of differing lengths and widths.

"I wondered what happened to that shirt", I exclaim.

And I wonder where in the world this dream came from.

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