Thursday, March 22, 2012

Cell phone stand.

Not surprisingly, I have become attached to my smart phone. I don't make that many calls, and I only sent or received 85 texts last month.  I use it mostly for games, Facebook, Twitter, and internet browsing.

And as an alarm clock.  Having the phone flat on the table made it difficult to check the time.  But the cell phone stands I saw were either ugly or expensive.

So I decided to make one.
I started with a small metal plaque stand. 

I took a piece of bead looming I had been experimenting with. and put a backing cloth behind it.  

I sewed the beading to a piece of suede I had.  (Apparently I did not take a picture of that.)
Then I glued the suede around the edges of the plaque stand. 

Voila!, My cell phone sits at an angle that makes reading the desk clock app easy.  And I can find the phone to turn off the alarm in the morning. 

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