Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Being remembered

People generally want to be remembered for the skills they have, the things they do, and who they are.  I know I do.

But I am not sure that the recognition I got today is a good thing.  I took Peanut back to the veterinary cardiologist to have her heart rate checked after a prescription change.  We walked into the busy lobby and the receptionist said "I'll let them know you are here."

I was both flattered and dismayed.  Flattered that she remembered me, or my dog.  Dismayed that we visit the vet often enough to be remembered on sight.

After finishing there, it was time to go to Walgreens to pick up my prescription refill.  Again, I walked up to the counter and the pharmacist selected my prescription without having to ask my name.  She did the address check, but only because it is required.

Do I visit often enough to be remembered?  Do these people have better memories than I do?   Do they have tricks that help them remember names and faces?

Am I that memorable?

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