Thursday, March 10, 2011

Open letter to vitamin manufacturers


That's it.  Small. 

Make the vitamins small enough to actually swallow.  Where is it written that a vitamin has to be the size of a horse pill?  Is there more value in a larger tablet?  I don't think so.  I think more skill is required to make the vitamin in a manageable size. 

Aspirin sized.  Ibuprofen sized. 

A size I can swallow without it getting caught in my throat, causing me to choke and gag, and having the paramedics called.  That size.

A size where I can safely take more than one tablet at a time. That size.

I recently switched from Centrum Silver multi-vitamins to Equate because the Equate was smaller.  Cheaper was a bonus, but smaller was the motivation.

I switched from Spring Valley B-complex to Nature Made because it was smaller.  Their tablets are about 2/3 the size of the Spring Valley. 

I pay extra for Glucosamine *plus* joint lubricant, not because my joints need lubing, but because the pills are smaller than my previous brand.

Spring Valley vitamin D comes in soft gels.  This alone is awesome because a soft gel will dissolve if there is a problem.  But these soft gels are tiny. It would take 4 to make up an aspirin. 

Surely manufacturers can create smaller vitamins.  And put a life size picture of the vitamin on the bottle, please.  Sudafed comes in tiny red pills (with a picture).  Imitrex, small.  Actifed, smaller than an aspirin. 

That's my criteria - let no vitamin be larger than an aspirin.  And put the size on the bottle.

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