Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Do cold calls really work?

I am curious.  Do those random calls I get from telemarketers actually generate business?  They must, or companies wouldn't keep doing them.

I find it really hard to believe that a person can get a call from a carpet cleaner and say "Well, yes, now that you mention it, my carpet really is quite dirty.  I can tell from your voice that  you will do a good job. Without checking any reviews or asking anyone I know, let me schedule an appointment for you to come into my house."

Or "What a coincidence!  I noticed just today that I had a crack in my windshield.  How fortuitous that you called!  I wouldn't have bothered to arrange to have it fixed otherwise. I'm sure you won't overcharge me."

Or "I'm sure you are highly qualified to service my air conditioner.  No one with a voice as pleasant as yours would sell me repairs I don't need."


How is this different from the televised warnings about purchasing roof or driveway repairs from guys driving by in pickups?   It's worse actually.  You can, should, see the hand-lettered sign on the pickup or the shabby uniform or lack of uniform on the guy who pulls up to your house.

You can't judge the quality of the equipment or professionalism of a company over a telephone line.  I don't do business with a new company without a referral or some really smoking reviews on the internet.

Don't call me.  I'll call you.

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