Thursday, January 20, 2011

Technology sneaks up on you.

Despite working in the tech industry, around guys to whom early adoption is a calling, I do not feel the urge to embrace every new tech trend.

I need a reason to change.  For example, I only bought my first microwave because the choice at the time was microwave or stove and a microwave was supposed to be more versatile.  Now, my stove is more like a counter top that occasionally heats up, while my microwave gets daily use.

My first cell phone became a necessity when my car was having mechanical problems and I didn't want to be stranded.  All it did was make phone calls.  I saw no need for it to be anything else.  I don't make phone calls anyway. I use about 20 minutes a month on average.

About a year ago, I finally jumped on the smart phone wagon.  I liked the idea of the Android operating system.  I had become enamored of Twitter and Facebook.  I thought it would be nice to be able to keep up with e-mail and social networking  without having to boot up my computer. (I keep the computer turned off in an attempt to be more green.). 

It turns out that I use my phone every day.  I check Twitter, Facebook, Google mail.  I keep notes for my journal.  I check the time.  I set the alarm.  I have games to keep me from going stir crazy in lines or waiting rooms.  I frequently text Google to get definitions of words in books I am reading.  I still don't use it to make phone calls.

Then my phone broke.  I could receive calls, read e-mail, but do nothing else.  I was phone deprived for a mere week and I was bereft. 

Seriously.  There are other ways to do all these things. I can boot up my computer to update my journal, check Twitter, Facebook, and gmail.  I have actual alarm clocks and stove timers.  I even have a Palm Zire I can play games on. The only thing I didn't have was a texting replacement, nor did I look for one.

But I found myself several times a day reaching for my phone before realizing it wouldn't do what I required.

So it was a relief to see that welcome white box on my doorstep yesterday with my replacement phone.  I spent a couple hours getting the new one set up to my liking.

Mental calm has been restored.

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