Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Confidence - where do I get some?

I pulled up to the mailbox today and a teenage boy was walking past.  I had barely started to smile when he waved and said Hi.

Where does the confidence to talk to a stranger come from?  Here is a teen that was friendly without hesitation.  I, definitely not a teen, had to think before I smiled at him.  Not that he was scary looking.  No, it's just that my first instinct is to try to be invisible, unnoticed.

So is confidence inborn or learned? 

I have always been shy.  It is difficult for me even now to make the first overture to a stranger.  I smile at everyone, but verbal interaction is a conscious struggle. 

I knew a ten year old girl who had no qualms about approaching a stranger to ask directions or a question.  I spent my youth head down, hiding behind my long hair, convinced that if I didn't look up, no one would notice me. 

Neighborhood kids come to my door to sell their school products.  Some are eloquent, personable, consummate sales people.  Others mumble, hide behind their parents, or silently thrust their sale booklets at me.

I know I am smart, funny, likable.  But I am envious of those who face the world eyes up, hand shake ready. 


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