Sunday, January 30, 2011

Missing newspaper

My newspaper was not in my driveway this morning.  And I was surprised by how much that bothered me.  My Sunday morning routine was disrupted.  My comfortable world tilted. 

It's not like I don't have other sources of news.  In fact, the newspaper is getting to be an anachronism in a digital world.  The news is available - and more current - on-line.  And I can get on-line either by booting up my computer or by browsing on my smart phone.

So if not the news, what was I missing?   Well, I read when I eat.  Always have.  Probably always will.  But without the newspaper to entertain me, I read an interesting article on lynx preservation efforts in Montana in the Smithsonian magazine. 

So I wasn't missing the news or going without something to read.  So what?

I think part of what I missed was the tradition.  And part was familiarity and ease.  I know where I can find the Clay Thompson column, Montini, Roberts, the weather, the lottery numbers.  And since it was Sunday, I knew I would find Brand's column and the pet of the week in the Living section.  The color comics are have always been a Sunday favorite. All of this in one handy package that lays flat on my table for easy reading with my morning bagel.

I've considered a Kindle with a newspaper subscription.  But I don't think reading the paper on a Kindle will feel the same.

Traditionalist?  Or Luddite?

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