Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Cube with a view

My department moved recently to 'temporary' space for six months while our current location is being gutted and remodeled.

My old cubicle was a little short for comfort, only three feet high, but I faced the window, could see the sky, and enjoyed the natural light.  The temporary suite had windows with a beautiful view of a mature golf course, with grass and large trees and flowers.

So I was dismayed to find that my assigned cubicle had five foot walls.  I had a beautiful view - of my calendar.  Additionally, the vampire developers that I work with voted to have the line of lights kept off.  (I do agree that the glare was annoying.)   My cubicle was a cozy, dark, quiet cave.  And I hated it.

I moved to Arizona because the sun barely shone in Iowa all winter.  I am solar-powered.  I am active when the sun is up, crash when it sets. I found the lack of light and the isolation stifling. 

So I modified my cubicle.  Well, actually I got permission and the cubicle guy did the change.  But I would have done it myself if I had had the tools to do it.

I am thrilled with the change.  I have just enough privacy to work, but I can see the trees on the golf course from my chair.

So far the reaction from everyone else has been interesting.  There seems to be no middle ground.  They either love it or hate it.  Two other people had their cubicles modified.

But every single person who commented on my cubicle mentioned "Office Space".  Are we total geeks or what?

           The view before                                                  The view after (early morning)

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