Saturday, July 10, 2010

Melanie Travis mysteries

I spent last week reading the last 10 of Laurien Berenson's Melanie Travis mysteries, in chronological order.

I only recently discovered the series, even though the first was written in 1995 and the last in 2008.  The latter bothers me.  There should be another edition by now.  I will be very disappointed if there aren't more books. 

The first book I read was from the middle of the series.  I found it in a used book store.  The title, Once Bitten, was the same as a vampire book I had just read.  It seemed whimsical to read 2 different genre books with the same title.  

I was hooked and immediately bought the entire series.  To me, the mysteries are secondary to the family relationships and the dogs.  The people are realistic and well developed.  I matched the characters to real people in my own life.

The main dogs are standard Poodles, but there are guest appearances by other show breeds.  The books provide an insight into the world of pedigree dogs shows and the care and training of Poodles in particular.  Towards the end of the series, the emphasis shifts away from dog shows and we get insight into dog food marketing and obedience training.

I found the books entertaining, absorbing, and informative.  I was bereft when I finished reading the last book of the series.  .

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