Saturday, June 12, 2010

Karma and the pickup truck

A while back, after breakfast and the newspaper, the dogs and I went to the feed store for more bird seed.  I was distracted, thinking about what else I needed to do that day.  I suddenly realized I was in the wrong lane for the feed store which was only half a block away. 

When the car to my left went, so did I.   Right through a red light.  Fortunately, the on-coming cars were paying more attention than I was.  I pulled into the feed store parking lot, thankful that I had not been hit. As I got out of the car, a white pickup with an old man and a young girl pulled up next to me.  I figured he was there to shop and paid him no attention. 

“You know you went through a red light back there.”  he said to me through the truck window, leaning over the girl. 

Now why would anyone bother to tell you that?  Either you know it and him telling you is pointless, or you don’t realize it and you aren’t going to believe him. 

I said, “Yeah, I realized that partway through.”

“You know you were lucky.”  he said sternly.

I said, “Yes I know” and walked toward the entrance to the store.  I thought maybe he was already coming to the feed store, but no, he had stopped just to tell me I had screwed up.

Before I even got to the front door, he backed up to leave.  And backed into another truck! 

I just kept walking, but I was laughing inside.  Instant Karma!  I did feel sorry for the guy he backed into.  I only needed a bag of seed, but I wandered around a bit because I wasn't sure if the old man would blame me for the accident.

I FaceBooked the incident when I got home and I wasn’t the only one that thought it was Karmic.

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