Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sandwiches of my youth

My friend, Bridgette and I were discussing our favorite sandwiches the other day.  Which got me reminiscing about past favorites.

My favorite sandwich growing up was peanut butter and honey.  Honey, not jelly, never jelly.  The honey had to be honey spread, not the syrupy kind of honey that needed a spoon or honey dipper.  And if the peanut butter was the chunky kind, well, that was even better. As I got older, the sandwich was modified to include several slices of crispy bacon.  The bacon cut the stickiness of the peanut butter and the smoky flavor accented the peanut butter and honey.

My second favorite sandwich was bologna and cheese.  The bologna needed to be the thick kind.  The kind where you had to remove the red wax rind before eating it.  Preferably the bologna would be the large round type where one slice covered the whole bread.  But in a pinch, several circles of ring bologna would do.  The cheese was always Colby Longhorn, the best cheddar cheese ever made.   The finishing touch was potato chips.  Not on the side, in the sandwich. 

My other favorite sandwich of my youth was grilled tuna and egg salad.  It was a simple tuna and egg salad sandwich, but the outside of the bread was buttered and the whole sandwich grilled, like a grilled cheese sandwich.  The bread would be toasty and crisp and the filling was warm and squishy.  Nirvana.

Okay, now I am hungry.  I think I will go have a sandwich, deli turkey, mozzarella, and lettuce on lightly toasted whole wheat bread. 

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