Saturday, May 8, 2010

Angel - sweet destroyer

 My first exposure to Angel was when I went along to pick her up.  Less than 1 year old, she was riding in the cab of the truck in the middle, drooling bubbles down my arm and the back of my neck. 

My dogs avoided her and were happy to see her leave for her own home.  But she visited often to play with them.  I don't know if she suffered from separation anxiety or just was easily bored.  In any case, my dogs were not enough entertainment for her.

She dug holes in my yard.  She chewed on the stair railing posts and the baseboard corners.  She carried my socks out into the yard.  She took strips of bark off my china-berry tree.  She ate my potted ivy.  She ate the wooden ends off the blind pulls.

Peppermint oil stopped the stair rail chewing.  Closing the closet door saved my socks.  Providing her with sticks and rawhide chews saved the china-berry.  The potted ivy was abandoned and the pot put in the garage.  I bought more blind pulls, but still haven't put them on.  Nothing dissuaded her from digging.  But she digs shallow holes easily filled back in. 

Regardless, she was so sweet and loving, that when she needed a permanent home at 18 months old, I happily took her.

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