Sunday, May 9, 2010

Car ride to Wal-Mart

I went to Wal-Mart this morning at 6:30 to pick up Anacin and dog food.  I didn't 'need' either.  I have enough to last another week.  What I needed was an excuse to take the dogs for a car ride.

At some point, in some manner, I have trained my dogs to expect a car ride on the weekends.  I'm not even sure how they know it's not a work day..  But when I finish my breakfast, Angel starts spinning circles and bouncing up and down.  This inevitably results in her stepping on Rags.  He gives her a growling rebuke.  She does a  cowering apology.   In no way is her enthusiasm diminished.

When I pick up my purse, they rush to the back door and wait for me to provide entry to the garage, weight shifting from paw to paw in an excited little dance.   

Car entry has to be set up so that each dog get its 'correct' place in the back seat.  Peanut will only look out of the passenger window.  Angel is partial to the driver's side.  But Angel always enters first, so I have them enter from the passenger side.  Angel, then Peanut.  Lastly I pick up Rags and plop him on the seat.  He gravitates to the middle and stands with his forepaws on the console looking out the front window. Voila! Everyone where they should be.

Peanut will only put her head out of the window if I am driving 35 mph or under. I have plotted a course to and from Wal-Mart that maximizes the slower speed limits.  Angel doesn't care.  Twenty-five mph or 50, her nose is out in the wind smelling the wonders of the world. 

At Wal-Mart, I find a shady place to park.  I shop quickly while they wait patiently outside.  Rags is always the first to see me as evidenced by the wagging plume of his tail.  Angel faces her window, but she turns her head to the right like an owl to watch me put my purchases in the trunk.

I am required to pet each dog before starting the car back up and beginning our return trip.  Rags usually lays on the floor during this leg.  I pull the car into the garage, close the door, and let everyone out the driver's side. I gather up my purchases and we enter the house together.  Then they each get a treat for behaving so well.

I really hope all this isn't just about the treat.

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