Saturday, July 7, 2018

The digital public library!

I bought a Kindle back in 2011, but honestly didn't see the appeal. 

Yes, easy to hold.  Easier to read while eating in fact.

But the cozy mysteries I like to read were just as expensive, or more, in Kindle format than the paperback editions.

So for a couple years, I only read the occasional Kindle book. 

Then I discovered the Phoenix Digital Library!

At first, I couldn't find any cozies, but there was a lot of J. A. Jance, John Dunning, James Patterson, and David Baldacci. 

Then the library started stocking the cozy authors I already followed. 

Granted, I can't always predict when a book will be available. And  if I want to read them in order, I've learned to put a hold on only one book in a series at a time. 

But I love that the books are delivered to my Kindle without ever having to go to the library. 

And when the loan expires, the book vanishes.  There is no way to forget to return it.  If you've ever had to pay library fines on a physical book, you understand how wonderful that is. 

Now I read just as much as before, but I buy less than half the books I used to.  And I don't have to decide whether to keep a book, and find a place to shelve it, or whether to give it away. 

Admittedly, there were a couple series I already had that I read the next edition via Kindle Library.  So then the dilemma was whether to keep the series or not since it was no longer complete. 

Mostly I decided not.  This freed up some much-needed shelf space.

In summary, BIG fan of the digital library. 

Now I am going to go read my library book before it vanishes. 

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