Sunday, July 1, 2018

Further adventures in Canine Acupuncture

Angel's arthritis had been doing better after getting many, many sessions of acupuncture.  She was more energetic and seemed able to move more easily.

Then the acupuncturist quit the vet clinic back in October. 

It wasn't until this May that we resumed sessions.  One of Angel's prior vet's got her acupuncture certification and started doing treatments.

Angel remembered the process well.  We occupy an exam room.  Angel lays on the tile floor.  They have put down a blanket, a dog bed, and a foam pad.  She rejected them all.

They talk sweetly to her and insert the needles, which she doesn't seem to feel, and  let her lick on a frozen bowl of diluted dog food.  It keeps her so distracted that this last session Dr. Swisher inserted 40 needles. 

Bogie lays next to me.  I am prepared to give him treats, but he has become more focused on Angel's frozen bowl.  Once she abandons it, he gets whatever is left.

We chat for 20 minutes or so while the needles do their work.  By that time, Angel is so relaxed that she looks like she is stoned out of her mind, pupils dilated, head woozy.   The needles are removed and we head home.

Twice we did a laser treatment after the acupuncture.  Angel was not a fan.  Everyone had to wear eye protection.  I wish I had the pictures of the dogs in their doggles. 

But they hated the doggles.  And Angel seemed agitated during and after the laser treatment, so we are sticking to acupuncture alone for the time being.

Angel is an on-going case, because her pain is chronic.  But there was a patient who was treated for paralysis that is now running around as if it had never happened. And he doesn't need any further treatments. 

Another dog pulled a muscle and once relief was achieved, he didn't have to return either.

I'm hoping regular acupuncture will allow me to decrease her pain medication a little.  All medication has side effects and I would like to not rely on it so much.

Fingers crossed.

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