Sunday, August 4, 2013

My self-confidence is easily affected.

I find it dispiriting how easily my self-confidence can be affected.

My self-confidence is shaky, at best.  I am getting better at believing I am a smart and worthy person.  I have good friends who have better taste than to hang around with a loser.

But it takes so little to make me feel inadequate.

On Friday, the automated testing I had completed for Internet Explorer was not working so well on Firefox. This was expected.  What I didn't not expect was to encounter a message box that I cannot identify.

The test is worthless if I can't identify this message.  And I felt worthless for spending 8 hours investigating this issue and not finding a solution.

This feeling was despite the fact that I have not ever been a Web developer and know nothing about how Firefox is coded.

It is also despite the fact that I have only used the Telerik automation tool for 7 weeks.

And I have never had to identity forms or objects.

So there is no reasonable expectation that I should know how to handle this issue.

But I still felt stupid for not being able to.

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