Sunday, January 6, 2013

Too many decisions.

I seem to have reached the tipping point in my own expectations.  I have become unfocused, unable to make decisions.

I recently read a study that said we are only capable of making a small numbers of decisions in one day.  When that number is exceeded, we become less and less able to make decisions, especially wise decisions.

The fault, I think - voice overs.

After many years considering it, I spent the better part of last year learning how to do voice overs, building a studio, creating demos. I enjoyed learning how to do the voice overs.  I was pleased when I finally got my studio working.  Now I am at the point where I can audition for projects and try to get gigs.

And there's the rub.

I signed up for a membership to a talent site.  The site uses an algorithm to determine which projects to send you.  Submit too many auditions and you won't get offers.  Submit too few auditions and you won't get offers.

So every offer that comes in has to be evaluated on whether I want to submit an audition.  Decisions.

Do I do auditions at all today, tomorrow, this week?  Decisions.

Should I search other sites for gigs, and which ones?  Decisions.

Any time I spend on preparing auditions is time I could be spending with the dogs, with a good book, working on stained glass, writing.  What do I give up to audition?  Decisions.

I think I liked the idea of voice overs more than I did the reality.

I think that I have taken on one project too many.


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