Sunday, January 20, 2013

My personality matches my dog's breed

I recently read an interesting article on how the owner's personality matches the breed of dog they choose as a companion.  

Bogie is the first dog I've owned where I've chosen both the breed and the individual.  The other dogs in my life, though completely loved, were mine by chance or by a consensus with significant others.  

I was pleased to see that Great Dane owners are considered high in agreeableness and openness. 
 Agreeableness is a trait that makes people easy to get along with. Agreeable people sympathize with others, care about their feelings and try to make other people feel at ease. People with open personalities are intelligent, open to new experiences and appreciative of art.  (from the Live Science link).
People do seem to share their feelings with me.  I am an artist, so thus appreciative of art.  And I consider myself pretty easy to get along with.

But that would not have been true in the past.  Easy going has been a goal and a journey.  In my youth I more easily irritated by the nuisances of life and quicker to anger. 

I've learned over the years that it is a waste of energy and effort to react strongly to every minor annoyance.  And if you react dramatically to small issues, it dulls the impact when there truly is a crisis.

The old "boy who cried wolf" syndrome. 

So I am happy that my breed choice reflects the work I've done to become a more agreeable person.

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  1. Wow, that is really neat. Totally different play on the whole owners looking like their dog thing. I like this better!

    1. Me, too!. I don't think I want to look like my Great Dane. :-)