Friday, November 16, 2012

Typical car ride with the dogs

Angel and Bogie *love* to go for car rides.  I generally break my grocery shopping into two trips so I can take them for a ride both weekend mornings.

My motive is basically selfish.  I had a Lhasa mix that never rode in the car except to go to the groomer or the vet.  Whenever he got into the car, he would start a high pitched whine that didn't stop until we got to our destination.

When Peanut was alive, she would only look out of the passenger side rear window.  I managed to train Angel to only look out of the driver side.  Angel entered the car first from the passenger side, headed to her window, and stayed there.

Now, Angel is having a hard time adjusting to Bogie as a car-mate.  I have so far been unable to convince him to only look out of the passenger side.

Oh, he starts there.  He just doesn't stay there.

We will be driving down the road in my compact car.  Angel has her head hanging out the driver side rear window.  Bogie has his out the passenger side.  Everyone is happy.

Then Bogie sees something on the driver side.  He moves to that window, taking the outside edge of the back seat and crushing Angel against the seat back.

In the rear view mirror, I can see her backing away from the window, struggling against Bogie's superior weight.  At no point does Bogie even consider giving her more space.

Angel frees herself and sits in the back seat. With her back to the passenger rear window.  She will crane her head to sniff the air, but at no point will she actually turn around to face the window.

I'm probably being anthropomorphic, but to me she looks sad, and resigned.

Then Bogie will decide he wants to look out the passenger window.  He turns and switches sides.  Angel is facing the correct direction and forces her way to "her" window to hang her head out.

This complete rotation happens at least once per fifteen minute trip.  Sometimes more.

And still, Angel is thrilled when I say "Car ride?".

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