Sunday, November 4, 2012

Stuffed hedge hog lasted fifteen minutes - tops

I bought two new dog toys yesterday morning.  But I didn't intend to give them to the dogs until evening when I would want some peace and quiet to read.  I hid the plastic bag on top of the dryer, behind a bucket that I was using to soak a cleaning rag. 

Late afternoon, I am quietly reading in the living room when I hear a rustle and see Bogie hurrying across the family room and out the doggy door.  

I rush outside to see what's going on.  He has retrieved the bag of toys and is trying to extricate one from the bag.  I grab the bag from him so I can remove the hang tags.  

I present him with the hedge hog. Angel gets the zebra.  

Within 15 minutes, this is the scene - an exhausted, but thoroughly happy, Bogie and what remains of a stuffed hedge hog.  

The lamb in the background was purchased more than 4 months ago before I had Bogie.  For some reason, it has survived intact. 

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