Friday, July 20, 2012

I love my car

I am not a car person.  If you saw my car you would know this.  I don't go for shiny and new.  I like my cars quick, dependable - and paid for.

I got my 1999 Mazda Protege in November 1998.  It was my first brand-new car.  When I test drove it, the salesman grabbed the handle over the door.  I like an immediate response when I press the accelerator.  But I don't want a gas hog.  This was a nice compromise.  Quick off the line, but gets 33 MPG in a mix of highway and city streets.

It isn't pretty any longer.  (But it is still cute!)

I dented the front fender many years ago hitting a support post in the parking garage.  I filled in the missing black paint with Sharpie.  The rear bumper is scratched from being push started when the computer chip was malfunctioning.  Rock chips on the front hood required more Sharpie cover-up.

A hail storm in October 2010 did a number on it.  The multiple dents make it easier to pick out from the multitude of little black cars in parking lots.  They add character.  (Isn't that what they tell women with smile lines?)

A friend backed into it last fall and put a teeny, tiny dent in the front fender.  She was distraught.  I said "Have you seen my car?"   She thought I was being nice, but one more dent didn't bother me.  You have to look really closely to see it anyway.

The interior is still in great shape.  One small mended tear in the upholstery where my leg rests against the front edge of the seat.  And the ubiquitous dog hair everywhere.

The flap on the visor mirror fell off.  Seeing myself when the visor was down was distracting, so I super glued the flap.

The exterior is usually dusty, and there is dog drool down the sides of both passenger doors.  But I have a good mechanic and he keeps it running well.

It's quick and gets good gas mileage.

And have I mentioned that it's paid for?


  1. Agreed. I have a 1999 Saturn. It was my first car period and I still drive it. Has over 200,000 miles on it and hasn't ever even need any major overhauls! It may not have power-steering (who knew that they even made cars without?!), but I consider it my workout car.

    1. I'm glad someone else understands where I'm coming from. A lot of my friends tell me I'm overdue for a new car. I plan to see if this one can make it to 300,000. I'm at 230,000 now.