Monday, July 2, 2012


Since Peanut died, Angel has been lethargic.  I had hoped she would recover, but it became apparent that she needed a companion.  Angel is part Great Dane and very sweet tempered, so I checked the rescue sites for Danes. And picked Bogie.

He had been found on the street so the rescue agency had no idea of age or temperament.  The vet says he's around 15 months old, he weighs 109 pounds, and is exceedingly sweet-tempered. 

If I can ever get him to stand still long enough I'll post a picture of the two of them together.  


  1. My german shepherd is an old dog and his legs are starting to give out. I know it'll be devastating for my other dogs when he passes, not to mention the pain my family and I will feel. What a great idea to get a new family member/dog to keep up spirits for your remaining dog.

    1. The hard part is finding a dog that will blend in with the current pet. My girl is very submissive so I looked for a dog that wouldn't be overly dominant and treat her badly. These two get along really well.

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