Friday, February 10, 2012

Worrying about logistics

Logistics - The detailed coordination of a complex operation involving many people, facilities, or supplies.

So technically, planning an extra session at the gym isn't a complex operation, but making the change can be daunting to me.  I wanted to work out on the machines after fitness class, but fretted about the details. 

Should I bring my water bottle to the gym?  I need it for Body Combat, but what will I do with it afterwards?  Should I take it to the fitness room with me?  That would mean moving it from machine to machine.  Should I put it in a locker?  If I put it in a locker, should I put my purse in a locker before Combat?  Can I find my lock?  Where will I keep the key?  Will it fall out of my pocket during Combat?

Should I take my water bottle and purse out to the car before working on the machines?  I could lock my purse in the trunk before I leave home.  I can't lock it in the trunk at the gym because someone might see and try to steal it.  Can someone break into my trunk?  They could break the window and pop the trunk.

If I take my water bottle out to the car after Combat, I will have to sign back in at the front desk.  Will the attendants think I am an idiot for signing in twice? What is my reluctance to use a locker?

What I finally decided was to lock my purse in the car before I left home, then move my water bottle and towel from machine to machine.  This worked perfectly fine, although  I almost forgot my bottle one session.

I wish I could stop myself from sweating the small stuff. 

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