Thursday, June 30, 2011

Why be hateful?

Hate is a flaming arrow that burns its target and singes those along its trajectory.

It's the pointless comments that astound me.  I don't understand why would anyone go on Facebook or Twitter or someone's blog just to post a vicious comment.  Or to post those remarks as a comment on a shared friends's Facebook post where they would be less easy to avoid.

There is effort involved.  It is not just the spur-of-the-moment, foot-in-the-mouth comment.  Those are bad enough.  This is an intentional, willful, deliberate action.  Why?

The remarks were not directed at me.  But when reading them, I caught my breath, almost as if they were.  My heart raced.  My head pounded.  I imagined how I would feel if I was the target.  I am caught in the arrow's trajectory.

Written or verbal - why say something unnecessarily hurtful?  Yes, sometimes words hurt but still have to be said.  It is the intent that matters.  These are the words spewed forth to wound, to slash, to cow, to intimidate, to make the speaker feel superior and righteous and in control.    

Words are meant to enlighten, to illuminate, to allow someone else to dream or visualize.  They are meant to encourage, to comfort, to share.

Words should not be hateful.  It isn't necessary.

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