Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Random thoughts

Here are some of the random thoughts I've had over the past couple weeks:

Why does Sara Lee put a slotted plastic clip on their bagels, but a twist tie on the loaf of bread?  Is there some significance I am missing? 

I find it interesting that dogs are "pawed" just as people are "handed".  My Peanut shakes with her right paw.  Angel shakes with her left paw.  Is this an innate trait or something learned?  I taught Peanut and I am right handed.  Angel's prior owner was left-handed.  

I have 4 identical terra cotta planter bottoms that I use as bird baths.  The 3 in the sun develop a fluffy orange mold or growth.  The one in the shade gets a dark green, slimy mold.  Same container, same water.  Just sun versus shade. 

 One (or maybe one at a time) of the hawks in the electrical tower screeches for long intervals during the day.  Am I anthropomorphizing when I feel this sounds like a distress call?  She sounds like she is missing her mate or a child.  Maybe it isn't even the female. Maybe it is just a territorial declaration.

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