Thursday, May 19, 2011

Random thoughts

I have been having problems thinking of worthy topics for my blog.  I pressured myself with the expectation that each blog should be long, clever, and thought provoking. 

Then I remembered the topic of my blog - Random thoughts, memories, and observations.  Random thoughts just have to be random, not long. 

So here are some of the random thoughts I've had over the past couple weeks:

I love The Smithsonian magazine.  I learn all kinds of interesting tidbits that I would never have thought to research on my own.  Recently I read about Mayan ruins in Guatemala (I always thought they were in Mexico), the devastation of the Japanese earthquake – in 1923, innovations in cancer treatment, puffins being lured back to Maine, Shakespeare forger (William-Henry Ireland), and Upper Peninsula Michigan. I had never even heard of the Soo Locks, which are third in the world after Panama and the Suez canals.  The Smithsonian and Mental Floss help me feel smart. 

How do people afford to raise children?  My dogs cost me a fortune in food, treats, toys, and veterinarian bills.  So how do people afford to have kids?  Or kids and dogs both? Angel injured the ACL in her left rear leg.  The medication alone cost 90 cents per pill.  And the first 2 weeks she was taking 11 a day!

I haven't watched American Idol since season 3.  I watched this season to see how Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez were as judges.  Once lured, I ended up staying for the whole season.  I take comfort in the knowledge that many of the finalists will end up with recording contracts even if they don't win.  And I got lured into Dancing with the Stars by the inclusion of Kirstie Alley.  It appears I am an easy mark for the musical competitions. 

I have to go now.  Angel is whining for attention.  

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