Tuesday, May 24, 2011

2 dogs, 2 vets, 2 surgeries.

2 dogs, 2 vets, 2 surgeries.  That was the plan for today, with full expectation of having both my girls back home with me by evening, groggy and, possibly, grumpy, but home.

Best laid plans ...

I took the day off work so I could handle the logistics of 2 vets and 2 drop off and pickup times.  Peanut was dropped off first at 7:30.  She has a broken molar on one side and a cracked tooth on the other that were going to be extracted.  But, because she has a heart murmur, they planned to do a chest x-ray before giving her any anesthesia.  The look she gave me when I left her tore at my heart. 

While there I picked up Angel's x-rays of her left rear knee.  Her appointment was at 9:30.  She has a torn ACL, like a footballer's injury.  It isn't healing after 2 months and she barely puts that foot on the ground despite 2 months of pain pills and anti-inflammatories.  We got to the specialist at 9.  I filled out papers while Angel made the acquaintance of a heeler mix called Sony, with a leftover bump from a bee sting.

After the nurse took down all of Angel's information, but before the doctor came in, I got a call from the first vet.  The x-rays showed that Peanut's heart is enlarged and they don't want to put her under without the okay of a cardiologist. I tell the vet I will make an appointment and will pick up Peanut as soon as I am finished with Angel. Fortunately, the cardiologist is in the same location I am at right now. 

The consultation with the surgeon was both comforting and disturbing.  Comforting in that she doesn't expect me to cage Angel.  I don't have a cage.  And in the fact that she says most dogs gain back full use of their leg in only a couple months.  Disturbing in that it was almost twice the cost I was expecting.  Ouch. 

I look at my sweet girl and know that I can't not have it fixed.  She is only 3.  She deserves the chance at a happy, healthy life.  I sigh and agree.  Then learn that she will have to spend the night.  This is a momentary concern because I need to go into work tomorrow, but they are happy to keep her until 4.  And maybe the extra day immobile will be good for the knee.

I make the financial arrangements and she is dragged away from me, my heart breaking again.  Then I make an appointment with the cardiologist for Peanut. 

Back to the first vet to pick up Peanut.  They give me her x-rays now for the cardiology appointment so I don't have to remember to come back.  Peanut and I get home and she looks all over the house for Angel.

The house is quiet, too quiet.  Angel is a large presence and always nearby.  It is going to be a long 28 hours until I get her back.

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