Sunday, April 21, 2024

Canine teeth brushing ritual

Vets always say you should brush your dog's teeth.  Before Moana, I never managed to get a process in place.  

Toothbrushes were awkward.  I hated those finger brushes.  Trying to get the dog to hold still was a nightmare.  

I did try with Moana.  I found a nice soft human toothbrush.  I put it and her toothpaste in a glass on the kitchen counter near where I prep her food.  But most days I would forget.  


I decided to put the glass in the bathroom near my toothbrush.  I started brushing her teeth when I finished with mine.  

And it became a routine!

A routine that Moana herself has adopted. 

I brush my teeth with an electric toothbrush.  Turn the brush off.  Take her brush out of the glass, usually accidently clinking it against the side of the glass. 

I put toothpaste on the brush.  

Moana appears by my side ready for her teeth brushing. 

Now - the rule is that I MUST pet her first.  No reaching for her mouth without petting.  Oh, and no doing her teeth before I do mine.  If she shows up early, I'm supposed to ignore her. 

Left back teeth. Right back teeth.  Upper front teeth.  Lower front teeth.  Kiss on the forehead.  And we're done. 

I haven't missed a day in 4 months. At her last vet visit, the vet said her teeth look really good.  

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