Saturday, February 16, 2019

Lego Pet Shop

My latest Lego build was the Pet Shop. Kit 10218.  2,032 pieces.

It is assembled on 2 separate bases. One for each side of the duplex.  Although connected at the base of the buildings, the split base makes it a little tricky to move.

Still, it was a fun build. Pet shop on one side.  Office or apartment on the other. I like the touch of having a display bin in the front with a ball and bones.

Front with display bin, mailbox, father and daughter bike lesson.
Back with cellar door, garbage cans and a rat, plus a rooftop garden.

Top floor, looks like storage for the apartment, but roof top garden.
Small bedroom above the pet shop.  For the owner maybe?

Second floor apartment being painted, spiral stairs on left.
Kitchen or break room with straight stairs on right. 

First floor pet shop on right, apartment on left.

The inside of the pet shop.  Cat to the left playing with the rat tail, fish at upper right,
and the barest bit of the dog in the kennel bottom right

The two roof tops.

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