Friday, March 11, 2016

Trying to be good.

Out walking the dogs in the afternoon.  Our usual route takes us behind the nearby grocery store.  As we were walking, the dogs heard someone coming up behind us.  
A man was walking a well-mannered boxer-type dog.  So, another large dog.  
Bogie and Angel kept turning around to look.  Especially Bogie. 
I wanted to stay ahead of the other dog so there would be no danger of a confrontation.  Honestly, I can't always hold Bogie if he wants to get away. 
Bogie turned and sat.  I pulled him forward.  
Bogie turned and sat.  I pulled him forward.  
This happened twice more before I realized that what he was saying was, "Mom, I want to be good.  I will sit here and watch the dog and I will be good."
So I let him sit on the opposite side of the driveway.  I had a good grip on the leash.  But he didn’t pull away even once.  

We watched the dog and man pass.  I let them get far ahead of us and around the building corner before starting out again with my dogs.  
Bogie was good the whole rest of the way home. 
I was so proud of him.  (Angel is always good.)




  1. Just peacefully checking out the other big dog, huh?

    That's a cute story.

    1. Thanks! Then the next day he took off after a cat. :-)