Saturday, February 27, 2016

Please leash your dog

It was a lovely morning for a walk. 
After about 3 1/2 miles, Bogie and I came around the corner on our home stretch. A truck in the driveway hid the fact that the second house had his bulldogs out.  
Off leash.  
He is a nice man and was standing with them in the front yard, holding his 2-year-old son.   
He said, "Don’t worry.  They’re all right.." as they toddled towards Bogie.  
He touched noses with the smaller one.  Then the bigger bulldog started growling and snapping at Bogie. 
Bogie, of course, growled and snarled back.  
I'm struggling to pull Bogie back, which is pointless because the bigger bulldog kept pushing forward. The smaller one backed away. 
The man quickly put his son down, who promptly started to wail. Loudly.  
He pulled the two dogs away from Bogie, And I pulled Bogie farther back.
But the man let go of the dogs.  The smaller bulldog toddled off to the house when commanded to do so.
Bogie and I started to move away.  
The bigger bulldog rushed at him and started fighting again.  The man yelled at and kicked at the bulldog to get him to stop.  Then grabbed him and held him as Bogie and I made our escape across the street. 
He apologized, grabbed his son, and pushed the bigger bulldog into the house. 
I checked Bogie over and there was a red indentation on his neck.  It could have been a tooth.  Or it could have been the prong collar as I tried to pull him away. 
He stayed close by my side for a block before starting to explore again.  
I don’t know if he thought I was mad at him, or if he was protecting me.  Which is what I think he was doing when he responded to the bulldog.

I really wish people would keep their dogs on a leash.  


  1. Unless someone lives in a remote area, this seems like common sense to me. No matter how well-behaved somebody thinks their dig is, any number of things could go horribly wrong. Better safe than sorry.