Sunday, November 15, 2015

Garden reality

Some cactus I had in the kitchen window had grown in size where they now needed to be transplanted.  So I created a planter on the west side of the yard.

I moved each block and each shovel of dirt myself.  I am tremendously proud of the work I did.

I even put in a section of river rock to catch the dirty water when I cleaned out the bird bath. 
river rock filter
However, the dogs had different uses for the garden. 
Hole and pot blockade
This is the very deep hole that Bogie has decided needed to be dug in this new soft dirt. I filled it back in three times before giving up. 
Next to it is the "pot blockade" that keeps this cactus from being dumped into said hole. 

unlevel ground
I spent considerable time ensuring that the ground was level across the front of the rocks.   Not time well-spent, apparently. 

And finally, 
Tomato cage
The tomato cages that keep the dogs from walking all over the newly transplanted cactus.  

Not the garden that I envisioned, but a garden the dogs and the cactus both enjoy. 

Came home from work and saw that the pot blockade didn't exactly save the cactus. 
I put the big piece in the ground.  We'll see if it survives.  

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