Friday, October 2, 2015

I found my tribe.

I spent my high school years feeling like an outsider.  Maybe everyone does.  I don't know.  I was too busy acting like I didn't care.

But the people I work with now?  Well they just seem to get me.  There is no pressure to be something you aren't.

It's the first group of people I've ever belonged to that don't judge.  There is a good percentage of people with no kids and no plans to have any.  But one guy has five kids and another has four.  Gay, straight, unattached.  All represented.

It's all good.

Love your dogs like fur children?  They get that.  (Or your cats)

Are you a Tolkien freak, a car geek, a Disney aficionado, a Lego builder?   Cool.  Tell us about it.

Church, no church, different churches.  None of it is an issue.

It's an environment where what you know or can learn, and your willingness to pitch in, counts more than any label society attaches.

There's a lot of good-natured razzing. But if you did a good job, they'll tell you.  You fucked up. They'll tell you that too.  But nicely.  And help you fix the problem.

They make going to work a pleasure.

And I am ever so grateful for that.