Friday, September 11, 2015

Isn't it ineffective marketing?

I will freely admit that I know nothing about marketing.  But I know what works with me.

So I don't understand who thinks that it is a good marketing technique to advertise their landscaping business by tossing a baggy of rocks onto my driveway with a business card.

Similarly, I think unkind thoughts when someone hangs a flyer on my door. Or worse, on my garage door. It does not predispose me to hiring them.

Do these ever work?

I would never hire someone based on debris they deposited on my property. I ask for recommendations from friends  or search for reviews on-line.

Another marketing ploy that frustrates me is calls from windshield replacement companies. Firstly, I've had my windshield replaced 4 times by 3 companies. Yet at least 8 companies have called claiming to have replaced my windshield.

Secondly, when receiving these calls does anyone ever say, "Well, now that you mention it, there IS a big crack in my windshield.  I'm so glad you called."?

Windshield replacement isn't a splurge purchase.  I know when my windshield needs to be replaced. And when I am ready to replace it, I will call someone.

Stop calling me.

I also don't understand marketing that focuses on people behaving badly.  The Experian Credit Score commercials are my latest pet peeve in that arena.  So having a great credit score allows you to be condescending and demanding?  And this is something people aspire to?

The other "people behaving badly" commercial I hate is for Jack Links.  People are bullying, or laughing at bullying, and this is supposed to inspire me to buy their product?

Confused head shake

I would love to be a fly on the wall at the marketing meetings where these ideas were proposed.

Does no one have the courage to say, "these ideas suck!"?

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