Saturday, March 1, 2014

Dogs and free catch urine samples

I've had dogs all my adult life.  So yes, I've had dogs that have had to donate a urine sample.  But every time the urine was extracted in the back of the clinic, with a catheter.

Yesterday was my first experience with a "free catch" urine sample.

This was apparently not the first “free catch” urine sample the vet tech had tried to get today.  While I paid my bill, the tech and the cashier were talking about how they hoped this sample was successful.  None of the others yesterday morning had been. 

When I left, she had me walk Bogie over in the bare area where he would be inclined to mark.  She had an open sample bottle and was wearing a rubber glove.  

She asked me to keep him close by me so she wouldn't have to run to him if he marked.  

Being the macho boy that he is, Bogie found a bush that needed his personal touch.  While he marked, the tech quickly squatted down by him, thrust her arm under him, and caught the urine.  

She was actually pleased that it worked. 

Me, too.  If it hadn't worked for her, I would have had to try at home. 

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