Sunday, January 19, 2014

Ignore your crazy aunt

I have a big problem with "shoulds".  I "should" write a novel.  I "should" vacuum the house. I "should" weed the yard.  The list is endless.

My resolution for this year (again) was to stop feeling guilty about not doing the things I "should" be doing and to enjoy the things I want to do.  Even if that is playing video games.  Or watching TV with the dogs by my side.

Yesterday I was reading Readers' Digest and they included this quote by Elizabeth Gilbert:

“I feel like the only way to diminish [your inner critic] is to treat it like a crazy aunt at Christmas.  She’s always going to come, but you don’t let her hijack Christmas, and I think that part’s difficult for women to do.  Don’t let the crazy aunt drive the car.” 

I like it.  It makes sense to me.  I don’t have to listen to the voice that says “You should” all the time.  I can ignore it, like I ignored anything my Grandma or my Aunt Liz told me.  Because I knew that what they believed wasn't the same as what I believe.  Their own lives were so screwed up that no advice they proffered had value.  

Just like the inner critic that claims to know better for me. 

Consider the source.  Ignore the crazy aunt!



    I am going to start ignoring the crazy aunt. This is just perfect.

    1. I know! It felt so right when I read it. So many advise ignoring the negative voices, without saying how. This is a way to actually do it.