Sunday, November 17, 2013

Bogie in predator mode

For the past few days, I've been watching Bogie from the kitchen window while he is in stalking mode.  It's no wonder he's caught so many pigeons.

Mind you, he's huge and largely white, so how the pigeons are lulled baffles me.

In his favor, he has a lot of patience.

He will stand stock still until the pigeons are ignoring him.  Then move one paw a few inches.

If the pigeons get restless, he stops and waits.

Then moves another paw.

Yesterday he was within 3 feet of the feeder pole before most of the pigeons wised up and flew away.

One pigeon dithered around, walking 3 feet away then back several times before joining his kin on the roof.  The entire time the pigeon tarried, Bogie stood still and watched.

When the last pigeon flew off, Bogie shook himself and trotted back to the house.

Bogie - not exactly camouflage colored

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