Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Bogie escapes - yet again

Took Bogie for a walk this morning.  

We were doing so very well.  We kept up a good pace. He was behaving.  I was enjoying the walk.  

So I decided to walk farther than we have been lately.  Wen he turned at the next residential street, I didn't dissuade him.

BIG mistake.

We were only a quarter up the block when he saw a cat.  I let go of the leash to keep from being pulled down again, but even after the cat escaped, Bogie wouldn't come back. 

I fast walked, trotted another half block after him, trying to catch up, without inspiring him to play Run Faster. I kept wishing the leash would snag on a car tire, a shrub, a stake.  Anything. 

I was so scared that he would get away from me completely.  So afraid that he would get hurt or hit by a car.  Thankfully, it was a very quiet street, very early in the morning.  Still, a car had just driven past us.  

Then to my acute embarrassment, he encountered another person walking.  He ran to them, jumped on them, startled them, and scratched them.  Naturally, the man was upset.  He said I should keep my dog on a leash. 

Duh! Didn't he see the leash dragging behind?  But I didn't want to hear another chorus of "He's too big for you."  Mostly because it seems to be true. 

Bogie had gone about 10 feet away.  For some reason, he was facing me.  And this time when I called him, he came back to me. 

I was so angry. 

I heeled him all the way back to the house, berating him most of the way.  I threatened to never walk him again.  I threatened to never pet him again.  I threatened to let him get lost next time.

Meant all of it at the time.  But not really. Well, sort of.  But not really.

We picked up Angel, because she shouldn't be punished for Bogie’s mistakes.  I kept Bogie at heel the whole time as we walked around the block. 

I ignored him for a couple hours.  

Not sure he even noticed.  

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