Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Watching the destruction

I haven't written a post yet about my doggy cams, but yesterday I discovered there is a down side to being able to watch your dogs from the office.

I watched, helplessly, as Bogie carried something into the loft and proceeded to destroy it.  The camera has no zoom so I wasn't able to get a better look at what was being rent, stepped on, and laid on.

At least I was prepared when I got home and found - a bag of bows ripped open.

A co-worker who saw my feed said I should punish Bogie.  I disagree.  People child-proof their homes so toddlers who don't understand the rules can't get hurt.  Knowing Bogie has a penchant for bags, I should have remembered to close the closet door.

So I picked up the debris, and discovered that most of the bows were undamaged.  I put them safely away in a plastic container.

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