Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I don't do boredom well

I'm supposed to be working.  Actually, I *am* working.

But today my work consists of waiting for processes to complete.  I have two computers tied up testing the fix I devised. I can't work on anything else.

So I wait.

I read Twitter.  But the people I follow aren't posting frequently enough to keep me occupied.

I read Facebook.  Ditto.

I check my e-mail - a lot.

I read Google news until I can't handle any more news.

I read back columns from Margo Howard (who doesn't appear in my newspaper).

I read pages and pages of "I can haz hotdog".

I start the next process.

I wait.


  1. Have you tried joining the exclusive club called "Waiters Anonymous?" They're a great bunch of people who wait and share their waiting with all the members. ;)

  2. Funny! I see there are actually several references for "Waiters Anonymous".