Tuesday, December 13, 2011

T-Mobile and the Bricked MyTouch

First off, I love my MyTouch 4G Slide.  I got the phone 3 months ago to replace an aging Cliq. The 4G connection speed is amazing and the video display is sharp and clear.  Game play on it is awesome.

And then it bricked on me.

I was playing games and listening to television.  I played some Angry Birds.  I played some Dabble.  I started to play Word Pop when the phone froze up.  Then shut down.

And stayed shut down.

I pried the protective back cover off.  I took the battery out.  I replaced the battery.  I pressed the switch.  Nothing.

I plugged the phone in.  I pressed the switch.  Nothing.   I took the sim card out and replaced it.  Nothing.

Resigned, I called T-Mobile about a replacement.

We discussed all the steps I had taken.  We repeated some of these steps.  It was decided, yes, I did need a replacement.

T-Mobile doesn't permit you to take the phone to a brick and mortar store for a replacement.  They prefer to spend the money to overnight the replacement - after reading you a litany of disclaimers and warnings about what will happen if the failure is really your fault.

And there is a $5 service fee for the warranty service.  A service fee!  To replace a defective phone.

Who does this?  If I buy a watch from Walmart and it breaks, they replace it or give my money back.  They don't charge me for the service.

My alternative is to go directly to the manufacturer, which will probably delay the replacement.  As I have reached for my phone multiple times this morning, delay is not an option.  So I am stuck with the $5. Which I am sure T-Mobile knows will happen.

On top of that, I am out the cost of the screen shield, because they do not replace accessories.  Even when the phone they sold me is defective.

Adding insult to injury, I am promised that the replacement will be "New or like new".  "Like new"as in used.  As in, I may get a used phone to replace a phone I paid premium money for only 3 months ago.

I was worried what would happen to T-Mobile when it merged with AT&T.  I shouldn't have bothered.  T-Mobile doesn't care about its customers any more than AT&T does.

I am *not* a happy camper.

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