Sunday, February 20, 2011

Experiment in printless news - Day Zero

So I took the plunge, or rather the mini-plunge.  I put my newspaper on vacation hold starting tomorrow to test whether living without it would throw me into a panic.

I like to read when I eat, but I have other items to read; magazines, short stories, news on my phone.  Will this be enough?  Will I be able to keep up with the news on-line?

Today, the last delivery day, I made a note of all the things I dislike about my newspaper.  Besides the previously blogged lack of content  The disappearing newspaper, I dislike - front page foldovers, advertising stickers pasted over the headline, ungrammatical sentences or speling errors that *any* computer should catch, and the shrinking size of the comics.

Add to that, I have never forgiven them for swapping out the Parade magazine on Sundays for USA Weekend.  Plus, recently some of my newspapers have been scented which aggravates my allergies. And they have a tendency to exclude the weekly columns I like whenever the mood strikes them.  

Lastly, a particular pet peeve is they charge me extra for the Thanksgiving Day issue because it is such a large edition.  It is large because it contains tons of extra advertising inserts - that the advertisers paid for.  That the newspaper now charges me extra to receive. 

Writing this all down makes me wonder why I have continued to subscribe to the paper for so many years.

Let the experiment begin!

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