Saturday, September 4, 2010

No Pink Tools

I use my reciprocating saw a lot.  It is one of the few tools I have that I purchased brand new.  It's slim and light and easy to handle.  And it's orange.

It's orange because it was marketed as a one-handed saw.  For men.  If it been marketed as a light weight saw for women, it would have been pink.  I don't do pink tools.

I'm not sure where manufacturers got the idea that if they color it pink, women will flock to buy their product, regardless of what that product is.  Pink toasters, pink tools, pink food processors, pink frying pans, the list goes on and on.

For every woman who is thrilled to buy a pink something, there are women like me who are repulsed.  I know a woman who paid extra to have a man's bicycle modified to fit rather than buy the pink woman's version.
What is wrong with black, or silver, or blue?  Oh wait, somehow blue became associated with little boys.  Girls are associated with pink.  Pink has it's place.  I have pink shirts and a pink dress.  But keep pink out of the hardware store. 

I think my biggest objection here is the implication that 'every' woman wants the same things.  I get irritated at commercials that state every woman wants pearl earrings for her birthday.  Not all of us want to be given flowers and candy and jewelry.  My favorite gifts are electronics and tools and books. 

Not all women want the same things any more than all men want the same things.  Don't make assumptions about an entire gender.  You could be alienating some of your customer base.

No pink tools.

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  1. I totally agree. I don't like pink and I prefer help with dishes over getting flowers and jewelry.