Monday, August 16, 2010

"Just" doing paint touch-up

On my list of to-dos was the seemingly innocuous "Touch up paint" in  the pecan color that makes such a wonderful accent wall.  The white nicks and dark scuffs look glaringly obvious against the pecan.  At least to me.

This is a quick chore.  Open the leftover paint, stir it up, grab a paint brush.  Touch up scuffs.  Easy, right?

Not the way I do it.  Oh, the first three steps were as described.  Easy.  But after that, things got more involved.

The major scuffs were from the couch rubbing against the wall.  The couch itself was quite easy to slide away from the wall, since it sits on a tile floor.  But moving the couch displaced a plethora of lost, half-chewed rawhides.  I picked those up and threw them back into the open.

A throng of dust bunnies and dead bugs remained, requiring that I get out the broom and dust pan to sweep.  This seemed easier than dragging out the vacuum.  As I dumped the dust and debris into the garbage, I noticed how dirty the broom and dust pan were.  So I washed them.

Back to the wall where some of the nicks needing painted were on the window sill.  I conscientiously pulled up the wooden blinds, so they wouldn't get accidentally painted.  The window was adjacent to a relatively dust free entertainment center.  At least, that's what I thought until the sunlight exposed the inaccuracy of that belief.

So I dusted all of the shelves in the entertainment center.  And part of the wall that needed touched up.  After all, paint won't stick to dust, will it?

Pulling the couch away from the wall also exposed the hole in the back created when the couch had been pushed up against an extended electrical outlet.  Seeing the hole reminded me that I had wanted to try to find matching fabric so I could repair it.  I snipped a small piece of the torn fabric to put in my purse.

Then I touched up the paint scuffs.  Done.

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